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  • Sample 1: Beer Batter, Tartar Sauce, Pinwheel Pikes, Dill Walleye Packets, Smoked Fish, Pickled Fish

  • Sample 2: Beer Batter, Dijon-Dill Dipping Sauce, Fish Marinades, Seafood Sauce, Dry Seasoning, Fish Rubs, Grapefruit Herb Cream for Fish

  • Sample 3: BBQd Walleye Wraps, Honeyed Walleye, Shrimp Stuffed Pike, Baked Fish Au Gratin Topped With Crunchy Bacon Dressing, Oriental Crispy Fish Fillets, Poached Walleye in Wine,

  • Sample 4: Pecan Crusted Pike, Docs Walleye Cakes & Sauce, Baked Walleye with Cream Sauce, Northern Pike Patties, Hungarian Walleye, Pecan Butter Walleye
  • Pinwheel Pikes


    2-3 lb. pike fillets, de-boned

    2 Eggs, beaten

    Italian croutons, crushed

    Oil for deep frying


    Cut fillets into long strips and wind into a circular flat coil of about a 1 1/2 diameter. Use a toothpick to hold them together. Dip the pinwheel into the egg mixture then roll in the crushed Italian crumbs, dip again and roll again in the crumbs. Put circles in the heated oil and fry until golden crisp. Drain and serve.


    Dill Walleye Packets


    1/3 cup fresh Dill

    1/3 cup fresh Parsley

    1/3 cup Chives

    1/4 cup Olive Oil

    1 clove Garlic

    1/3 cup sliced Almonds

    8 Walleye fillets, deboned

    Salt and Pepper to taste

    1 lg. sweet Red Pepper, roasted, and cut in 8 strips


    In a food processor chop together the dill, parsley, chives, almonds and garlic, then add oil, salt and pepper until its pureed. Line baking sheet with foil. Spread each fillet with one tbsp. of the dill mixture and top with a red pepper strip. Fold remaining half of foil over fish and crimp edges to seal. Bake at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.


    Smoked Fish


    Smoker Method:


    Thinly slice de-boned fish fillets and put in a marinade of choice using a weight to hold them under the liquid. Allow to stand overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning soak your preferred flavour of wood chips in water. Light the coals in your smoker. When hot add the wood chips. Spray wire racks with cooking oil and load with pieces of the fish. Inspect the temperature, coals, wood chips and fish often. In about two hours check to see if it is done. Over heating the fish will turn it jerky-like (my favourite). Experiment with different marinade recipes and types of wood. Store in an airtight container or bag.


    Open Fire Method:


    Slice fish fillets, marinate and refrigerate as above, or if you choose a dry rub instead allow to stand for at least one hour with seasonings in the fridge. Start a fire and let burn down to coals. Add enough wood to keep an even temperature. Lay the fillets on racks high enough above the fire that your meat will be smoked or dried rather than cooked. Place soaked wood chips or rotten birch pieces on coals to create a good smoke. After a couple of hours the moisture level should be down to about 20% and the dried meat ready. Store in an airtight container or bag.


    Pickled Fish #1




    3/4 cup Pickling Salt

    1 quart Water

    Fish fillets, any species


    Cut fish into bite-size cubes and soak in salt brine for 24 hours. Pour off brine and rinse well with fresh water. Cover with white distilled vinegar for another 24 hours in a covered non-corroding dish in the fridge.


    Pickling Solution:


    1 cup Water

    2 cups Vinegar

    3/4 cup Sugar

    2 tbsp. Pickling Spices

    1 tbsp. Whole Cloves

    Onion, sliced thin

    Red Pepper sliced thin


    Discard the soaking vinegar and pack fish loosely in sterilized jars. Add onion slices and red pepper to taste. Simmer the pickling solution for 15 minutes then pour over fish in the jars and seal. They will be ready to eat in seven days.



    Pickling Fish #2


    6 lbs. Fish fillets

    2/3 cup Salt

    2 1/2 cups Sugar

    2 lg. Onions, sliced

    Vinegar to cover

    1 quart White Port Wine

    2 tbsp. Pickling Spice in a spice bag (or in a tied bag)


    Put fish in a glass bowl, pour in salt and mix well. Cover with vinegar and put in the refrigerator for seven days, stirring each day. On the seventh day pour off the liquid and rinse the fish. For the brine boil the sugar, wine and the pickling spices in the bag. Set aside until cool and remove the spice bag. Pack fish in layers in the jars or an airtight container, alternating with the sliced onions. Pour the cool brine over the fish and onions. Keep refrigerated. They are ready to eat the following day. This recipe makes 12 pints.


    Beer Batter #1


    1/4 cup Cornstarch

    1/4 cup Beer

    1/4 cup Flour

    2 Egg Whites, beaten

    Oil for deep frying


    Mix the first three ingredients together then fold in the egg whites. Coat fish pieces and deep fry.


    Tartar Sauce


    1 cup Mayonnaise

    2 tbsp. Lemon Juice

    1/2 cup Sour Cream

    1/4 cup Green Relish

    1 tsp. Worcestershire

    Garlic Salt & Pepper

    Whisk together and keep in an airtight container in the fridge until ready to use.




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