Fishing Guides

We have professional aboriginal fishing guides who take you to all the hottest fishing spots, keep you up to date on the best lures and techniques as well as prepare an awesome wilderness style shore lunch.

Our guides work really hard to make your fishing vacation perfect. A major part of their income, which they rely on greatly to get them through the winter, is tips from our guests. It's customary to give your guide at least $10 per day tip. Most guests are so happy they end up giving much more. Ultimately it's the guest's decision.

Due to the complex structure of the lake and river, it's easy to get lost or hit hidden rocks. We require that your group have at least one guide for every 8 people and that boats without a guide stay close and follow the guide's instructions about where the danger areas are. It's for your safety and it keeps our boats and motors in perfect working condition. Our boats and motors are extremely expensive on top of the high cost of flying them into camp.

Guide Profiles