Saskatchewan Fly-in Walleye Fishing:

Black Bear Island Lake is a large widening of the famous Churchill River and is one of the best Walleye fishing water systems in Saskatchewan and maybe all of Canada.

The diverse structures of the lake and river have created the perfect habitat for great numbers of Walleyes including many trophies. You can fish the calm waters of Black Bear Island Lake or the fast or gentle flowing water of the Churchill River. The whole water system is dotted with islands and shoals. There are weedy bays and sunken weedy plateaus out in the open water, which are always Walleye fishing hotspots.

You can also drive the boat into the river section where you will find easily navigatable rapids, waterfalls and the mouths of feeder streams. Not only does the river create perfect spawning grounds for walleye, the continuous flow of fresh water supplies our walleyes with an endless banquet of food. This does not only produce great numbers, it produces the tastiest Walleyes you will ever eat.

The camp opens the third week in May and is open until mid September. The Walleye fishing is great all year because they have no place to go. It's not like some lakes where the Walleyes disappear into the depths in late summer. In the spring they can be found in bays and off rocky points. The rest of the year, fast water in the river seems to produce the best results.

Walleyes average in the 2 to 4-pound range with many 5 and 6-pounders being caught. There are the odd 7-plus pounders but due to the great population of Walleyes and competition for food, Walleyes over 7-pounds are rare. There is still the potential to catch the Walleye of your dreams. We have had guests catch monster Walleyes with the biggest in recent memory being 15-pounds.

If you spend the day specifically fishing for Walleye, you will on average catch around 50. There are always better days where a person will catch up to 100 Walleyes. As everyone knows, the Walleyes bite better on some days and in different weather conditions.

Barbless hooks are the choice of true anglers and sports fishermen. They do less harm while removing the hooks and cause less exhaustion and injury for the fish. It is often possible to release the fish without removing it from the water thus resulting in less handling stress and oxygen deprivation.

Walleye Photo Gallery

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